IAMS offers two ways to pay for our creative team’s services.
IAMS Marketing Dollars
The first is via IAMS Marketing Dollars. For every $100,000 in business you write with IAMS, you receive $100 you can put towards our creative services. These marketing dollars accrue until they are used, and do not expire.
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A La Carte
The second way is a la carte. We will happily provide a marketing analysis for your business and provide you an estimate for your request. Please fill out the form below to get started.

    There are exceptions for what the marketing dollars can be used for, however, including print production (we ask that all agents print their own materials), Facebook ad budgets, and website services. Additionally, if you have some marketing dollars accrued but not enough to cover the full cost of the project, you will be asked to pay the difference and will need to sign off on an acknowledgement of that cost. If you do not pay for services rendered, you will be unable to obtain further project work from the creative team until payment has been provided.