General Website Information

The following will provide all the information about our website service and review our process so we can start building a new website for your business. Below, you will find a breakdown of the available options, fees, and services:

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Explanation of fees:

Traditional IAMS Website Template:

Our website design is a one-time fee of $899 which is waived for agents meeting specific criteria.* The $899 fee is applied once the site is live at the agent-specified domain. This covers the cost of designing your custom content based on our WordPress template. This template specializes in providing solutions for your prospects and their insurance and financial needs. Your site consists of pages, but is not limited to; Home, About Us, Our Process, Services, Resources, and Contact. Upon request, we can add embedded additional information including; YouTube videos, Calendly Links, Blog pages, 3rd party embedded articles, links to external sites, and company-branded downloadable PDF documents. All of our websites include reCAPTCHA, a free service that protects your website from spam and abuse, Yoast SEO, a WordPress plugin that helps your site perform better in search engines like Google, and an SSL certificate with any domain that you add to our hosting service.

Full Custom Website + Content Copy:
If you are wanting a full custom website design with customized content and pages, the fee will be $1,199 which is waived for agents meeting specific criteria **).

Our website hosting costs only $50 per month and billing starts after your site is live. This monthly fee covers your website hosting, website backups, security, maintenance, updates, and SSL certificate. There is no contract for our website services, so if you change your mind in the future and would like to do something else with your site you can do so. Below, I’ve included some examples of websites we’ve built for our agents like you.

Marketing Dollars:
Marketing Dollars can be used to build your site and host the website on our server. Should your marketing dollars run out, you will be charged for the services remaining with the information provided in your Website Agreement form. (see Website Agreement Form below)

NOTE: Please call your sales director for your marketing dollar balance or if you inquire if you qualify for any of the criteria below. The creative department does not obtain that information.
*Qualifying criteria for waived Website Design Fee: Agents who have produced over $250,000 in business with IAMS or are advisors through IAMS Wealth Management.
**Qualifying criteria for waived Full Custom Website Fee: Agents whose contracts have been received and processed before the 180-day requirement, and meet the New Producer Bonus level at $500,000.


For us to start on a new website for your business, we will need a few things from you.

  1. Purchase a Domain Name:
    We will need you to purchase a domain to use for your website and then send us the login credentials to access your domain account, for example with GoDaddy. You will need to visit and create a new account and then do a domain search to find the domain you want to use and purchase it. You don’t need any privacy or protection add-ons for your domain that GoDaddy will try to sell you. After you create an account and purchase your domain, please send me your username and password to access your account. If a 2-step authentication process is set up on your account you may need to coordinate a time in which to send us that information. We will let you know if we need to work with you on that process. If you already have a domain that you’d like to use, we’ll just need the login credentials to access your account.

  2. Company Information:
    Please email us your phone, email address (For compliance reasons, IAMS Wealth Management sites must use the email provided by IAMS Wealth Management unless compliance has set up a Global Relay account with your service), physical address, and any other contact information you would like represented on the site used to contact your business. We will also need you to send us a short bio about yourself and your business along with a photo of yourself and your staff if you’d like to include that on your website. I’ve attached our bio-guide that can help with writing a biography. You can also review our website examples below to see how our other agents have written their bios on their sites.

  3. Logo or Business Name:
    If you have a logo for your business, we ask that you send it to us. If we created a logo for you, we will have that on file. We prefer to have a logo already created before we start the website process. Logos are not included with your website design, there is a separate fee. If you need additional information please reach out to your sales director for pricing information and the amount of marketing dollars that can be applied to your creative services.

  4. Website Agreement Form:
    Attached to this email is a website agreement form. This form gives us the financial information needed in order to bill you for your website design and/or monthly hosting fee. This form must be completed before we start the website design process and will be charged accordingly once the site is live. This must be filled out even if your $899 website built-out is waived, or you plan on using marking dollars for your hosting fees.

  5. Creative Design Questionnaire:
    If you have not completed the creative design questionnaire for previous projects. Please fill it out and return it back to us. This gives us guidance on what your brand represents.

Feel free to email back or call me at 800-255-5055 if you have any questions or would like to discuss things further. If you’re ready to start this process please fill out the website agreement and email that back to me along with the other items we need and then we can get started on things for you.

To get started contact your sales director.